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Flocards-Junior - The prinziple

Flocards Junior for the youngest (2+)

How to play:

The magnetic symbols are placed on the printed fields in the left part of the box. A pair of cards is selected. A pair is recognized by the same symbols at the upper edge of the cards.

On the striped side of the question card there are comic strips. These are looked at together with the child and discussed. Then the cards are placed in the box: the blue card left, the red card right.

As illustrated on the left side the toys belonging together should be found. For example the train and the rail. The tasks are solved by matching the magnetic symbols.

The answers can be checked at any time by turning around the red card.
Alternative:The blue card can be put into the box with the comic strips upward as well. Then, an object that can be found in the pictures is marked on the answer card.